Wholesale Screen Printing

If you have an inkling to purchase and sell your custom printed t-shirts, you are more than likely in the market for a wholesale screen printer that provides low cost on your t-shirts. We at, Bulkscreenprinting.com, offer extremely competitive prices on dozen of styles of wholesale t-shirts. When ordering with Bulkscreenprinting.com we offer fast service, affordable pricing, and convenient online ordering.

So who is eligible for wholesale pricing? We suggest that anyone ordering more than 600 t-shirts should consider contract screen printing, so that they may take ahold of our wholesale prices. Some of our customers include, but not limited to, marathon events, churches, car dealerships, large and small businesses, bands, and local schools. Depending on the contract, we are can always accommodate large orders by splitting into multiple press runs and shipments while continuing to offer you savings!

Are you looking for a convenient way to see the shirt before we print it? We offer an online design studio that will equip you with the necessary tools you need to upload images, manipulate color palates, and view the image before it is taken to our press! We also offer custom shirts ideas, which are ideal for starting your own custom t-shirt line. With funny sayings, to full color art, we have the printing expertise and great wholesale prices to help your costs low and profit high.

Thinking wholesale pricing doesn’t apply to you? Think again! Our wholesale printing rates are less than half of the bigwig screen printers. If you are considering placing an order and need them often, our contract screen printing rates can offer you large savings! Not sure if you apply, call or email us today to see how you can get locked in on exceptional savings!