Wholesale Screen Printing T-Shirts For Less!

We want to let you know more about whole screen printing t-shirts for less! There’s something to be said about bigger being better. For example, lets think of Sam’s  Club (Yes, all the free samples are fantastic, but think about how much bang you get for your buck!). Now before your mind drifts away to those delicious and enticing freebies, let me explain how you can benefit from bulk screen printing. There are quite a few perks to ordering bulk orders in the screen printing world and even more when the intent is to distribute yourself. Basically, we want to offer you the opportunity to purchase at the  wholesale price!

By now we have established that bigger is better! Why? In bulk screen printing, the larger the order the cheaper the shirts. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that! An order of 500 or 1,000 shirts is going to produce a financial advantage over an order of 15 to 25 shirts. Our number one goal with whole sale prices is to save you money and establish a continual stream of orders

Who can benefit? Glad you asked! There are numerous companies and organizations that can benefit from whole sale pricing. The most common are schools, churches, and bands; however, we also work directly with Dollar General, Belmont, and Regions Bank. Truthfully though, contract pricing is for ANYONE!

We offer a competitive edge. Yep, it’s true! First and foremost, always inquire about our prices because chances are we will beat out any competition; however, in the rare chance that the price we quote is higher than another screen printer we will match any quote that you send our way!

Wholesale Screen Printing

If you are planning to sell your custom t-shirts, you’re probably looking for a wholesale screen printing provider to keep the costs of your shirts low. Bulkscreenprinting.com offers competitive pricing on dozens of styles of wholesale t-shirts. Ordering wholesale is fast, easy and can be done completely online.
So who needs to order wholesale? We strongly suggest that anyone ordering more than 500 t-shirts consider contract screen printing to ensure the best wholesale prices. Often our wholesale customers include bands, schools, marathons, events, churches and businesses. Depending on the contract situation, we can divide a large order into multiple press runs and shipments while still offering great wholesale pricing.

Feeling creative? We also offer custom branded shirts ideal for starting your own custom t-shirt line. From funny sayings, to full color art, we have the printing expertise and great wholesale prices to help your costs low and profits high.

Think you don’t need wholesale screen printing prices? Think again. Our wholesale printing rates are less than half of big name online screen printers. If your ordering shirts often, our contract screen printing rates offer even larger savings. Take a minute and use our online price calculator and see for yourself.

Contract Screen Printing Orders

Do you own a business or work in an arena where many screen-printed shirts are needed on a regular basis? The best way to ensure that you are receiving the most reasonable price is to lock in a contract deal for your custom screen printing orders! Agreeing on a contract is one of the most affordable arrangements available for bulk screen printing orders.

How To Get Set Up?

In order to establish a contract with TakeHold printing, first decide what logo you would want on your bulk screen printed order. Would you want one or several colors on your design? What color would you want your shirts to be?
If you do not have a design or logo already, TakeHold printing would be happy to create a unique and lasting design for you!

Who Needs Contract Screen Printing?

Many organizations and businesses could benefit from a contract screen printing deal, including bands, churches, schools, clubs, sports, and large businesses. Never wonder about the cost of your screen printed shirts again with a locked-in, wholesale bargain, no matter the quantity!

Bulk screen printed t-shirt contracts are the best arrangement available for repeat customers with a continuous and steady need for shirts. After a contract has been agreed upon, rates are locked in!