Bulk Screen Printing is Expanding

As screen printers, in the Nashville area, we are eager to announce that bulk screen printing is expanding into outlying communities. And we need YOUR help to meet our goals! In the year 2014 we are optimistic that we will reach cities such as Birmingham, St. Louis, Louisville, Atlanta, and even Charleston! But in order to do that we have 3 simple tips for our local clients that will help expand the scope of our business. Are you ready to work with us to help capture these cities and allow them to see that bulkscreenprinting.com is a fierce competitor in the world of screen printing?

 Heres how you can help!

1. Like us on Facebook! I know this may seem quite trivial but Facebook has the capacity to reach the multitudes! With a simple click of the hand, we are able to reach your friends, your friends’ friends, and so forth. Not only will this help with brand recognition but it will open the door for our promotional weekly deals (Trust me, you do not want to miss out on these deals!). Ready to “Like” us? Click here for more information!

2. Publicity! Although Facebook is the hub of practicality and a powerful tool that we use to tell the world about our business, word of mouth and publicity it conjures is still our strongest asset. Think about it for a moment. Lets say that you order a bulk order of shirts, those of which you use turn around and sell to potential clients, which in turn completely sells out. You have just opened the door to have a conversation with this client about the screen printer (US!), ways that they can save you additional money, and how to move forward with the next order. Not only have you established a relationship with bulkscreenprinting.com but you have allowed your client the opportunity to witness our integrity, our attention to detail, in terms of our products, and now they have the ability to qualify for contract printing cost!

3. Reviews! Every job arena has reviews and we want you know that we value the same level of transparency in our field! We want to hear your feedback and constructive criticism so that we can better our business and relationship with clients. Although it should be noted that we aim for 100% satisfaction with all of our clients, sometimes this is not reality. Regardless, we are always eager to improve and be the leading screen printer in our area and surrounding cities. This means we need your honest feedback. Want to give us a review? Click here for more information

Bulk Screen Printing Practices that Set Us Apart

Are you eager to hear how our bulk screen printing practices set us apart? Bulk Screen Printing offers a variety of options, especially if you are in need of large amount of shirts or if you work for an event where you plan to sell t-shirts. At bulkscreenpriting.com we offer top of the line customer service, quality service, and pricing that exceeds any our competitors!

 Here is three aspects of our business that sets us apart from the Nashville competition!

 1. We want your business: Not only do we care but we designate the mass majority of our time going the extra mile! We want you to be impressed with the quality of service that offer, which means that we go above and beyond what is expected from our customers. We also worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers have 100% satisfaction guarantee!

2. We offer contract pricing! We offer contract pricing upfront and honest! Not only do we want to build relationships with our clients who plan on ordering a few shirts here and there, but we also want to build relationships with clients who plan on coming back for more! We will set the price for particular customers who qualify so that they can continue to order on multiple occasions and keep their prices locked in! In most cases, once we have established initial contact and have a better understanding of what you in need in terms of bulk printing, then we are able to offer you contract pricing details! Think you apply? Wonderful! Check here for more information (http://bulkscreenprinting.com/contract-printing/).

3. Our deals are too good to pass up: Not only do we offer up front contract pricing but we also like to send out weekly deals to our customers. If you are need of custom t-shirts on a budget then you will want to receive our weekly emails that offer deals that are too good to pass up!

Wholesale or contract pricing for bulk orders saves you time and money and that is exactly what our business is about! Not only do we seek to impress you with our talents, both artistically and with our customer service, but we want you to walk away with a product that will leaving your customers wanting more! For a free consult or quote, call, email, or live chat us today!

Picking the Right Garment with Contract Screen Printing

We want to share with you 3 tips when picking the right garment with contract screen printing! There are so many factors that come into play when you are picking a garment and as screen printers  our number goal is customer satisfaction and flawless products. This means we want to help you pick the right garment! We recently sat down with a customer who shed some light on his previous printing experience and the main issue he mentioned was the garment; therefore, we have decided to blog about 3 tips to help you succeed in picking the right garment!

Tip #1: Pick the right blend! It is important that you speak with your screen printer about the texture and feel of a shirt, which is attributed to the blend, before nonchalantly picking a shirt. Now when I refer to blend, I simply mean is the shirt 100% cotton or has the cotton been blended with another type of material such as Rayon, spandex or polyester. The blend affects a variety of factors such as tightness of shirt, the way a shirt shrinks, and how the ink will absorb into the material.

Tip #2: Pick the right cut! I cannot stress how important this tip is because so many customers never specify which type of cut they want or need. Here are some questions to ask yourself beforehand: Do I need a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt? Will I need multiple types of shirts, such as mens’ tees, women’s tees, or children’s tees? Do I prefer a v-neck, deep v-neck, or crew cut for my shirts? What if the brand of shirt I am wanting does not carry the options I am needing? Can I have the shirt I am wanting and still stick within my budget, or is there are cheaper option that still looks and feels the same? These kinds of questions don’t scare us! The more detail the better; this just means we are able to fulfill all expectations that you have for the order!

Tip #3: Pick the right color! A lot of time customers will say, “I want a red garment (shirt)”, however, there are so many different shades of red that it difficult to fully capture the extent of their expectations. If you are someone like me who is extremely visual then there are a couple of different options to help you pick the right color. The first option is viewing our online catalog. Here you can browse through a variety of colors and see which one sparks your interest. The second option is  setting up an appointment to come in a see our color swatches, which  will give you a first hand look at the different colors and textures that we offer on our shirts. If these two options do not work then we can skip straight to option number three! We will happily order a sample of the shirt you are debating on, so that you can feel the blend, ensure that it is the cut of shirt you had in mind, and verify that the color does or does not work for you!

We hope these tips will help you pick the right garment and save you some time and energy on your next contract order! Please don’t hestitate to contact us at 615.943.1402 for any questions that you have regarding your next purchase! It is our goal to create a hassle free experience!