Custom Church Summer Camp T-Shirts is Nashville’s exclusive custom church summer camp t-shirts whose primary focus is on bulk order and contract pricing. We are fast, efficient, and take the time to make sure your order meets your expectations 100%! As warm weather permits more time outside, camp season is right around the corner; therefore, we have compiled a few tips that we think might be helpful for your summer camp extravaganza!

1. Pick the right garment: It is so important to pick the right garment for the needs that you have. If this is for a summer camp and there is going to be mud fights and constant wear and tear on the t-shirt, we suggest picking a garment that will accommodate those specific needs. It is always a good idea to inquire with your screen printer about what they feel is best for your order, even if you do not take their suggestion they still have experience with printing on hundreds of shirts and know the material the best.

2. Plan ahead: Have a design idea that you are not sure about? Let us know ahead of time so that we can offer design tips or help you format your design so printing is flawless! We are always willing to suggest ideas and tips so that we your final print is everything you wanted it to be! Have questions regarding artwork and format? Visit our FAQ page to see more information!

3. Order extras: There are always a few kids who will wait to the last minute to turn in their forms and make the “I’m going!” official, so always order a few extra custom t-shirts to meet the demand of your numbers (and the unexpected!)! We always welcome placing multiple orders and accommodating any specific request that might arise! We cannot convey enough that we are willing to go above and beyond what is expected so that you can have a exceptional experience!

With summer looming in the background and school winding down, summer camps are going to be making their appearance very soon! Call ahead and get a quote on your bulk order of custom printed t-shirts and see how we can save you money! We are eager to hear from you and to see how we can help you print the perfect garment for your next summer camp event! Do not forgot to subscribe to our newsletter to see how bulkscreenprinting can save you time and money on your next purchase!

3 Ways to Save You Money on Custom Bulk T-Shirts

Are you searching for a local screen printer who has 3 ways to save you money on custom bulk t-shirts? Search no more! offers competitive pricing, contract rates, and quick turnaround times! If you are in need of custom bulk t-shirts that represent an event, church function, or just a company shirt then we are your bulk screen printers. Here are three ways we want to help you!

1. Competitive pricing: One question that we get asked several times a day is, “Is that all? Does that price include the screens, setup, and other additional fees?” We are proud to let you know YES! We stand alone from our competition because we know that pricing matters to our customers. We offer prices that are fair and reasonable and we are always willing to accommodate our customers budget. It is our guarantee that we will always try to work within the parameters of our customers set budget and make small adjustments so that they can place their orders.

2. Contract Rates: As a company who specializes in bulk printing we are always willing to offer our customers the opportunity to lock in a particular rate if they continually place orders. Generally, and in most cases, we will always inquire more information from our customers to see if they qualify for contract pricing. We really value the relationships that we have built with our customers and we hope that by alleviating the strain of inflated prices that they will continue to use our services!

3. Quick turnaround: Our standard turn around time for most orders is less than five business days. We pride ourselves with having quick turn around times because we understand that most customers need their product immediately. Although some orders may take more or less time, we are always willing to accommodate the customers time frame and work directly with them to ensure a quality product in less time than other local bulk printers!

Next time you are in the market for a custom bulk t-shirt printer, let show you the quality of work we can produce in less time than the other competition. We are more than willing to work with our customers in terms of pricing, turn around times and even artwork! Our business exist to help you create a lasting and memorable product! Call, email, or live chat us today to see how we can be of service to you!

Custom Screen Printing for School Functions

Are you a local school in the area that needs custom screen printing for school functions?  Has your school or organization given thought to ordering t-shirts ahead of time for events such as Earth Day, field day, or classroom parties? At we specialize in bulk orders and want to help you create creative t-shirts that will represent your school functions!

Here are 3 simple ways we want to help you with your next order:

1. New Design Tool: We recently updated our software to include a few new gadgets that we believe will help you create a custom t-shirt in less time. By simply clicking on the “Design Studio” tab, this will take you to our design page. Here you are able to upload artwork and manipulate the shirt to your liking, with elements such as color, artwork placement, and size of artwork. Need help or assistance with the design lab? We are here to solve any problems that might arise, so please don’t hesitate to call, email, or live chat with us.

2. Wholesale Pricing: There are exponential amounts of benefits associated with ordering large quantities of shirts such as wholesale pricing, lower cost per shirt, and in most cases we will salvage your screens so that they can be reused. We are known for guaranteeing low prices and quick turnaround times, so contact us today to see what special we are running!

3. Tax Free: Like most organization that order in bulk, such as colleges, non-profit organizations, and churches, these orders are typically tax free. Schools are no exception! No only will you receive shirts at the wholesale pricing but it will also be tax free, meaning we are here to save you money and deliver a t-shirt that will WOW your school function!

 With Earth Day right around the corner why not celebrate the day with custom made t-shirts? We are help to help you print your bulk order! Our number one priority is to serve you in the best way that we can, which means we are 100% committed to making sure your order is satisfactory, on time, and without error. Have questions or need assistance regarding our design lab, type of garments, or budgeting issues? Let us know how we can help you! Call us at 615.943.1402, email (, or live chat us today!  We look forward to talking with you about your next bulk screen printing order!